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1997 BMW E39 5-Series 528i Touring - SOLD

1997 BMW E39 5-Series 528i Touring AGS STEPTRONIC

VERY HIGH Spec Example!

134K miles with FSH

2 Previous Owners

Fjord Grey Metallic - Dechrome Trim

Black Leather

17" M-Tech Alloy Wheels

Firstly, this has been my wife's daily car for the past 6 years and as such I'm not selling it on the same basis as some of the concours/show standard cars on my site that I have restored and sold in the past.

It has been used for everything from school-runs, shopping trips and several trips to the South of France. It has marks and some superficial/cosmetic rust in some of the common E39 places (but NOT on the tail-gate).

For the purposes of honesty and to avoid any confusion, I have taken and uploaded photos of these.

I will also try to give a very accurate and honest description of the car. I hope this won't put potential buyers off as it remains a very comfortable and capable daily car which still looks quite presentable...especially in this colour combo...and from a few paces away!

This car has a VERY high specification (some of which were very expensive extras when new).

In addition to the usual E39 5-Series features such as Cruise Control, Multi-functional Steering wheel, Auto-dim rear view mirror etc it also has:

Electric "Comfort Seat" Option, with 3 stage heated and driver's memory function - I believe a 3000 option when new!

  • Electric Steering Column (also integrated into the memory function)
  • Factory Xenon Headlamps - a VAST improvement over E39 cars without these!
  • Headlamp wash system
  • Rain-sensing wipers
  • Climate Control, AC and Heating REST Function
  • Television
  • Power Fold heated electric mirrors (these are the larger ones as also seen on the E38 7-Series)
  • Extendable boot loading floor and load cover/cargo net
  • 17" M-Tech wheels


    2.8L M52 Straight Six Cylinder
    Head-gasket and new water-pump done in May 2011 and Crank Position Sensor and drive belt tensioner a month later.
    Runs very smoothly and strong. The engine bay is clean and dry and the car does not lose oil or water.


    No noises or abnormal changes from the Steptronic Gearbox


    Generally still very presentable with a few light marks but nothing horrendous! The worst two I have shown in the photos.

    These is a small dent on the nearside rear wheel-arch and a pin-dink on the passenger rear door. All other marks are really very light and commensurate with its age and use as a daily driver.

    It does also have some small areas of superficial cosmetic rust (as shown in the photos) in sites that seem quite common on E39s.

    The tailgate however is not at all rusty!

    The rest of the paintwork is very good.

    As can be seen in the photos, the main tailgate does stay up on its own but the struts are getting a little weak (again just being honest). The upper split/window opening is absolutely fine.

    When we bought the car it was already fitted with the after-market white front headlamp lenses (as in the photos). They aren't particular to my taste but they've never bothered my wife; so I've never bothered to change them! However, the car did come with its original amber lenses and these are included.


    17" M-Tech wheels - these where refurbished about 4 years ago but could really do with doing again now if one were bothered about appearance. The spare however remains pristine with a new new looking tyre.

    It has very recently had new rear tyres.

    The fronts are 'ok' still with decent tread across most of the tyre but the outer shoulders are worn (one more than the other...maybe due to the large number of high-speed roundabouts where we live?)


    Very good/clean condition black leather with no tears, rips or excessive wear to bolsters (please see photos).

    The "Comfort Seat" option is great...and will be missed!

    Carpets always covered by overmats and I have just bought a new set of mats this week to go with the car.

    I've also replaced the broken rear cup-holders (kids!) with the more useful and child-proof (!) storage insert option.

    Boot mounted CD Changer was jammed (common) so I've replaced that this week as well and now all works perfectly again off the dash controls and steering wheel.

    Television - whilst this DOES actually work it doesn't in the U.K since digital switch over...but it does still work when we're in France! It should also work in other 'analogue' countries. I believe this can be converted to run digitally (search Ebay for people who can convert them).


    During our ownership we have replaced both rear suspension air units (about 3 years when they were 13 years old then). These are essentially a large thick walled rubber bag. With time, the rubber perishes and then one day it'll go "BANG!"...and you suddenly have no rear suspension.

    So, if you're buying one of these E39 Tourings it's something worth looking into to see if they have been replaced or is the car still running on its originals? When the first bag went on ours we somewhat foolishly took the advice of our mechanic who reckoned we'd only need to do the one side that had failed.

    Just a few weeks later whilst on holiday in the South of France with all our "stuff" and kids..."BANG!". Enough said and worth thinking about.

    I almost never ever drive this car myself (it's just my wife's) so I took it for about an 80 mile round trip this afternoon. The only niggle that I experienced was that there something wobble/shimmy under braking from higher speeds.

    This has happened before and we have a bill from May this year where, as part of the job, our BMW Specialist put in new front pads and lubricated the brake pistons and caliper slides. This cured this slight wobble at the time but it now seems to have returned.

    Maybe the same problem if my wife never uses the brakes hard enough? Again, just being honest.

    Other than that the car drives superbly!


    FULL Service history from new.
    Mixed BMW Maindealer then BMW Specialists.
    Has never missed a service.
    I have tried to photograph as much of the paperwork as I reasonably can.

    Yesterday (21/11/13) the last of the five green service indicator lights went out and the amber one came on so the car is now due a service.

    This will only be an Oil Service as the previous one was an Insp I. If the buyer wishes, for an extra 100 I can get this done.

    Alternatively, they can take it as it is and do this themself or I could do this for them myself (very simple) for the cost of the oil and a filter and reset the service indicator to 5 green lights (but obviously I don't have a stamp to stamp the book).

    All bills and invoices are present and filed

    Every MOT is present

    2 Previous owners. The second only kept it for a very short time having purchased it from the original lady owner and who was a garage owner who serviced other cars for her as well.

    All Service books, manuals and leather folder, tools are present as are the 3 keys.

    I've also just noticed when going through the paperwork that it's actully fitted with a TRACKER device (not activated) which I hadn't ever realised.



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