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2003 M3 CSL - SOLD

If you have an interest in these cars, you will or should already be fairly familiar with the specification of these cars. However, if you wish to read up on the history and detailed specification here is an excellent link:

M3 CSL - History & Spec.

Silver Grey

FULL Specification car.

All options available on the CSL are on this car i.e :

  • Xenon Headlamps
  • A/C
  • Stereo
  • PDC

  • Completely unmodified, unmolested example.
  • 4 near new Michelin Pilot tyres
  • Perfect interior with no wear or damage to the Alcantara/Carbon Fibre trim
  • No 'bobbled' or worn steering-wheel.
  • Perfect carpets and mats. Still smells like new!
  • Only 30K miles (30597 at time of advertising).
  • Full BMW Maindealer Service History (please see below)
  • All dealer recalls/updates.

    Recently replaced:
  • Both rear coil springs (one had snapped - common on these cars).
  • Brand new BMW Business Radio/CD (simply because the old one very occasionally made a slight whirring noise!).

    At the same time I also replaced the battery with a new one from BMW.

    Road Tax until 31st January 2013.

    There are still 8475 miles showing until the next service which would only be an Oil Service. The last Service was the big and costly Inspection II.

    The car is super clean underneath and detailed in the engine bay (please see photos!).

    All rubbers have been treated with 303 Aerospace Protectant.

    I have even replaced all the fixings holding on the wheel-arch liners with non-corroding ones and even coated these with 'Hard as Nails' to prevent them tarnishing!

    The paintwork is in superb condition with only a VERY few LIGHT chips to the front which I've tried to show in the photos. I could get these done but I'd rather a prospective buyer saw it 'as it is'.

    Undamaged carbon trim and roof.

    There is a tiny bit of bubbling of the paint on the nearside gloss black roof trim channel (see photos - common on these cars) but strangely none at all on the opposite offside one! I think these are about 55 from BMW but it's so small it hasn't bothered me.

    Additionally, the sill kickplate trims show a small amount of discolouration under the lacquer which again is common (again I've tried to show this in the photos).

    In the past, BMW used to replace these items under 'goodwill' as it tended to happen so quickly. Those days have gone I'm afraid and it hasn't bothered me sufficiently to spend about 110/side to replace them because of this tiny amount of discoloration!

    I say the above, not to detract from the car, as it is ... even by my picky standards ... in superb condition. I just wish to avoid any 'confusion'.

    Similarly, again to avoid ANY confusion, I would like to point out that the car had its Running-in Service later than the scheduled point (please see photos).

    Much seems to be made of this by sellers in their 'classifieds'... strangely, often by people selling their 'standard' E46 M3s with high mileages that have been out of BMW Warranty for years and thus it has little or no relevance anymore.

    As the car is now 9 years old and the engine has covered just over 30K miles faultlessly this seems a highly unlikely eventuality.

    Records of every single dealership visit (with mileages) is also included in the documents.

    Please note: This is not a 'forced' sale...I don't 'have' to sell the car.

    Indeed, it is with some regret that after wanting one for so long I've had to admit to myself that this car is somewhat wasted on me! Since buying it in February 2011 I have only done about 1000 miles in the car of which about 200 miles are accounted for by driving the car home after buying it and taking it to my local BMW Dealership to have the above mentioned items replaced.

    This is one of 7 cars that I own, it's hardly being used at all.

    Also, I've had to admit to myself that I'll soon be 50 years old and feel this is possibly a younger man's car. The performnce of this car is far more car than I can handle these days!

    I've owned some decently 'fast' BMWs for their time over the past 30 years of BMW ownership ... but this is into a totally different league.

    I don't do trackdays and to my knowledge this car has never been tracked; there are no signs of track use e.g. no 'Big Brake Mods' etc.

    It would probably be better off in the hands of someone who actually wants to and 'can' use it and I'll put the money towards something else :(

    All Handbooks and CSL Specfic Supplement are present in the CSL Leather and Alcantara folder as are the 3 Keys.

    In summary, an unmolested, low mileage, fully specified M3 CSL in super condition.


    Numerous additional photographs here:



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