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1995 BMW E34 525i Touring

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  • Oxford Green Metallic
  • Light Beige Montana Leather Interior
  • 141K miles
  • FSH - Recently Serviced
  • Taxed end April 2007
  • MOT 11 Months


  • Straight six cylinder 24 valve 192 bhp


  • 5-Speed Automatic with 'Economy', 'Sports' and 'Snow' modes


  • Light Beige 'Montana' leather:

    The 'Montana' leather is more durable and is in generally very good condition with no rips tears etc. Driver's seat is very good.

  • Folding/Split rear seats to large luggage area.
  • Load Cover
  • Cargo Nets


  • Dark Green Oxford Metallic. Generally very good with marks (stoneships, light scratches, supermarket trolley 'dinks', light scuffs to bumper trim) commensurate with age, mileage and general use...certainly nothing horrendous!
  • Later body-trim with deeper body-coloured sills etc...looks much smarter!


  • Correct BMW Cross-spokes with Dunlop TD tyres all with good tread. Light marks on wheels.


  • COBRA remote alarm/immobiliser
  • PAS, EW, EM, Headlamp height adjust
  • A/C - Condensor replaced twice during our ownership...last time last summer with re-gas at the time

  • Centre arm rests
  • Original Pioneer Radio Cassette with six speakers
  • Driver's Airbag
  • Roof Rails
  • Genuine BMW 'Aero dynamic' Roof Rack (rare and expensive item!)
  • All tools, jacks, First Aid Kit, keys and handbooks etc present and correct.


  • Mileage substantiated by ALL MOTS, service booklet and receipts.

  • Full Service History - mixture of BMW Maindealer and BMW Specialists. See huge raft of service invoices etc kept.

  • This car has NEVER missed a service. Last service was an Oil Service in December at Moseley Motorsport only 2000 miles ago. The car is still showing 3 Green lights. The previous (also at Moseley Motorsport was an Inspection II (the big one!).

  • All dampers (front and rear) have been replaced during our ownership including the expensive self-levelling rear dampers (we had a warranty on the time they wear out best to simply convert to orinary dampers...much cheaper!)

  • Front control arms have been replaced, as has the windscreen, brake discs/pads, water pump, thermostat housing (common failure on these engines) etc plus probably lots of other 'stuff' that I can't even remember.

  • At the last MOT (a month ago) the examiner even commented to my wife what a good car this was!


  • Dash computer says "Brake light Circuit" fault. However, there is nothing wrong with the brake lights...has always done it...just a nuisance really!

  • Light marks on the bodywork as described plus a small patch of superficial rust near the petrol filler cap (see photo)

  • The roof rails have some of the black plastic coating peeling (see photo). However, I've managed to find a good second-hand set to go with the car...I don't have the time to spend fitting them!

  • Passenger side rear electric window 'sticks' on the rubber guide at the top of it's I've closed it and taped over the rear window switch to stop the kids using it!

  • That's pretty much it I think....but please remember it's a 12 year old, honest 'working car'!


    I'm not going to pretend this car is up to the standard of my usual cars. It's not a 'show-car' but is a good honest, practical and still very presentable car that has been very well maintained and served my wife well during her 5 years of ownership.

    It even took myself, a friend and two young sons to the Le Mans 24-hour last summer with all our camping gear in air-conditioned, leather clad comfort without batting an eyelid! It has only ever gone wrong once...and that was when the original BMW Alarm immobilised the car and this has since been replaced with the COBRA alarm.

    It is only being sold now as we have seven (7) BMWs! It is being replaced by a newer 5-Series saloon but I'm sure we'll regret losing the load space!

    (Sorry for the rainy photos...seems impossible to get a dry day at the moment!)

    Taxed until end April 2007, 11 months MOT and recently serviced.

    So, if someone is looking for a comfortable, reasonably rapid yet economical, solid and large family-sized estate that's been well-looked after...


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