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Richard C, Ireland | rich_carroll~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Although I came across your site previously, I just had a more detailed (pun intended) look through. I'm amazed and astonished. What fantastic work. Much droolage taking place. I really like that E28 M535i although it seems to have lost its M look. I'm looking forward to your next project. Can't wait.

Tuesday January 27 2015
- Ireland

Gary Keeling | keeling6~AT~icloud~DOT~com
Love the BMW e28. I used to be the owner of a bronze 525e on a "d" plate in the late 90s, what a car. I owned it for two years and it was is stunning condition both inside (as new) and the bodywork was perfect along with the chrome etc even though it had covered 117,000 miles. Loved that car and I kept it perfect and have regretted parting with it ever since. Have driven a few with a view to purchase since selling mine but they have not been good enough apart from a rather special m535 e28 auto I drove but finances wouldn't quite stretch to it. Love this black one you have for sale, it looks totally stunning. My 525e was the best car I've ever owned, loved looking after it and it was a superb relaxed drive. Must say I've visited your site many times, addictive!!!

Tuesday November 25 2014
- Staffordshire

Matthew Polaine | matt~AT~polaine~DOT~com
I'm no surgeon, but I am a design engineer with a 1989 Mercedes 190D 2.5 auto. It only has 167,000 miles on the clock and it is in decent condition from the TLC I give it. However is gets used as the second car a great deal, and is often muddy from our lane. I like to have it mechanically sound and can 'feel' suspension bushes on their way out. You sir, take underbody TLC to a new level! Incredible, and what a 'hobby'. Maybe I should leave my 190 with you for a while.

Saturday February 1 2014
- United Kingdom

Richard | rld365~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Like lots of others I keep popping back to this site to admire your work. Brilliant photos and descriptions, keep it up

Friday January 24 2014
- Surrey

i ve always enjoyed scrolling at pictures of cars you have restored and owned.i have been using them as reference on bimmers i ve considered buying.great work really! All the best with future projects!

Tuesday November 26 2013
- indonesia

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