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David Harding | pzcs~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Thanks for sharing your wonderful cars. I own an e34 540 with all the M-tec extras factory fitted. Just replaced all the suspension & steering. I was going to sell it and buy either an E31 or E39 m5 but your pictures of the E34 have just convinced me to keep "the beast" and have a respray. (It's got stone chips and the usual rust bubbles around filler cap.) Your E34 pics conviced me once again just what a beautiful car it is and well worth keeping. Thanks again for a great website.

Thursday February 9 2012
- Penzance, Cornwall, UK

Nigel Pugh | nigel~DOT~pugh3~AT~ntlworld~DOT~com
I have just found this forum through an article by the author in Retro Rides, as a BMW fan I find it fantastic and will be a regular visitor - excellent and thank you for the detailed information.

Sunday January 22 2012
- Portsmouth, UK.

Thang Nguyen | slc450-5~DOT~0~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Do you have any LHD car for sale?
What kind of car do you have for "Coming for sale soon"?
Best regards

Thursday December 29 2011
- Norway

Steve Burgess | bmfdec~AT~aol~DOT~com
hi this site and your attention to detail are second to none, my dream is to own an e30 m3 and if i find one nearly half as clean as yours i'll be a very happy man

Thursday December 29 2011
- uk

ashraf rustom | ashrafrustomatc~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
very good job .i own 2e28i !

Saturday October 29 2011
- jordan

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