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BMW Servicing

This is a particular bug-bear of mine! "Oh! But you drive a BMW...they're so expensive to service and repair!"

All cars need maintenance and all cars need repairs! This is expensive on all cars especially if you don't know what you're doing or where to go and for what!

There have long been many Independent BMW Specialists (good and bad) who, for a longtime, have made their livings by providing BMW care and maintenance at a fraction of what Main-dealer Franchises have charged. Find a good one and you're laughing!

In a long overdue attempt to counter this and bring customers back into the 'Main-dealership fold' BMW have, over the last few years, launched initiatives to significantly reduce the servicing costs on older BMWs.

Firstly, with the '4+'; then '7+' and more recently even the '3+' Schemes.

These various shemes have brought greatly reduced servicing costs for older BMWs to the point where 'Independents' are now being significantly under cut! 59 for an 'Oil Service'? 199 for the major 'Inspection 2'?! That's difficult for anyone to better. I still believe that a good 'Independent' can significantly undercut them on actual repairs, even using genuine parts, on older cars and that's something the parent company needs to wake up to next!

But to return to servicing...I recently had occasion to find myself in the showroom of a Ford dealership (I just gave someone a lift there...honestly!). They had a board up displaying their 'Special Offer'...Major Service...'From 189'...I know where I'd rather spend my extra ten pounds!


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