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The Fuel Calculation

Living in a country with some of the highest fuel costs in the world most of us worry about fuel consumption.

However,all cars need fuel to run and the following calculation is an eye-opener which I hope will make you feel a little better about buying a high performance BMW.

Let's take two cars travelling unhindered on an open road...

Car one is a big, performance luxury car returning something around 25mpg...Something like a big BMW!

Car two is something smaller, less performance orientated (and probably much more mundane) returning 35mpg eg. You choose!

For the sake of the calculation let's call petrol 80p/litre = 3.64/gallon

For Car 1 = 0.145/mile or 145/1000 miles

For Car 2 = 0.104/mile or 104/1000 miles

That is a difference of 41/1000 miles

Or 410/10000 miles

In other words, to make a saving of 1000 you will need to drive 25,000 miles...equivalent to once around the World!

Or put another somewhat sobering (if not depressing) way! If you drive say an average of 12,000 miles/year it will take you over 2 years to make that saving in your more mundane car. If, God willingly, you enjoy have a driving lifetime from the age of 20 to 70 years (ie. 50 years) you will,therefore, spend circa 5% of your driving career, in some mundane piece of machinery, to make your 1K saving. You choose!

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