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1989 BMW E32 735i SE

49K Miles FSH

Owned by me for over 7 years.

Unmolested example

  • Lachs Silber Metallic
  • Mid-Blue Cloth Interior
  • A/C Climate Control
  • Electric Memory Seats
  • ELectric Sunroof
  • Electric Mirrors
  • Headlamp wash
  • Cruise Control

    I bought this car over 7 years ago with only 26K miles on the clock. At the time I paid three times the going rate for a good E32!

    The car has just turned 49K miles with majority of the circa 22K miles that I have added in 7 years being in the early period of my ownership (approx. 7000 miles in the first 9 months).

    The car has all of the usual E32 735iSE refinements including an Air-Conditioning System which had already been upgraded and retro-fitted to accept the modern R134a Gas prior to me buying the car (as such no issues with re-gassing the system with the approptiate modern gas). After buying the car I had the A/C Condensor and Evaporator (along with the engine coolant radiator) replaced under warranty by a BMW Maindealer.

    The cloth interior is pristine. Yes, it is an SE but was deliberately specified with blue cloth interior... these older cloth interiors seem to do better than the leather has done in most of these cars!). All functions work perfectly.

    The original Blaupunkt Radio Casette is present and in excellent functional and cosmetic order. There are even two original un-opened wipes for cleaning the electric aerial still present along with a cleaner cassette and a further original cassette that came supplied with the car infroming owners how to look after their new BMW!

    The body and paintwork is rust, dent, scratch and dink free having just returned from the paintshop following a 'refresh', although the car has always been kept in excellent garaged condition druing my ownership. Photos taken just prior to go to the bodyshop available to confirm. Plus numerous other photographs during my ownership available to prove. This is a well-known car in 7-Series circles.

    The car now sits again on an original pattern set of 15" Alloys which are in excellent unkerbed condition and shod with the correct Uniroyal tyres all with good tread as is the spare.

    The car benefits from having just had a full Insp II service along with a brake fluid change and all belts (radiator fan, power steering and air-conditioning) having just been renewed. At the same time timing gasket and cam seal were replaced to cure a small but persistent oil leak....which it turned out must have been present since new as the original gasket had been mis-seated! Previously the other common site for oil leakage on these engines (the sump gasket) was replaced at some expense!

    The cars also had in recent mileage terms all new brake discs and pads plus the front brake calipers overhauled.

    No shakes, wobbles, shimmying.

    All four central locking actuators on the doors have been replaced.

    A brand new top-tinted windscreen has just been fitted along with new wipers.

    The only modification is the addition of Eibach Springs and Bilstein Sports suspension. This is recognised by many as probably the single best enhancement for one of these cars. This set-up transforms these cars!

    It not only vastly improves and sharpens the handling but also actually makes for a more comfortable and controlled ride by eliminating the tendency to wallow on the stock suspension. As a further benefit, although not really noticeably lower it does eliminate that other tendency of E32s to look slightly too 'nose-up' at the front end and gives the car a much more purposeful stance i.e. like they do in the brochures!

    This is an expensive exercise as even the front top mounts are different and I had to order these specially via BMW in Munich. The set-up was only fitted exactly 4K ago... bills to prove!

    All other standard items e.g toolkit, first-aid kit, glovebox torch, unused jack, handbooks, manuals etc are present and correct. Two keys. The car will also come with a spare set of unused overmats in dark blue and some nice period brochures!

    In summary

    This car was already an outstanding and much admired low mileage example when I bought it 7 years ago at three times the price of a 'normal' E32. Today this is even more so! It is an even better car today both functionally and cosmetically than when I first acquired it and in my humble opinion must rank amongst the best of all E32s still existent.

    I am offering it for sale only due to space constraints to accommodate other projects. I will however be very sad to see this car go having owned and cherished for so long. I will not let it go 'cheap' and I will not sell it unless I am convinced the new owner will continue to cherish and care for it as is fitting for a car that is now so rare in this condition.

    The car is MOT'd until August and Taxed until the end of January 2010. As the car is 20 years this month it now qualifies for very low full classic car insurance.

    Sorry - this car has now been sold.

    1986 Topgear Review of the BMW E32 735i :


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