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Sold : 1997 E38 BMW 740i 4.4l V8

Absolutely stunning example!

Finished in Oxford Green Metallic with full factory de-chrome ('Shadowline') option. Light beige 'Montana' leather interior. Sports suspension

Full Main-dealer Service History.

Unmolested condition

This car has had 3 previous owners with the first being 'Wood BMW Dealership' themselves and sports a very high specification.

A computer print-out from my local BMW dealership confirms the following 9 'Standard Options' along with a further 20 'Ordered Options'!

Standard Options:

  • 0202 Steptronic/Adaptive 5-Speed Automatic Gearbox
  • 0214 ASC+T Automatic Stability/Traction control
  • 0438 Precious (Real) wood equipment (Nussbaum) E38
  • 0488 Lumbar Support Driver and Passenger
  • 0510 Headlight Adjust Low Beam
  • 0694 Pre-wiring for 6 CD Player
  • 0806 3rd Brake-light
  • 0853 'English language descriptions'

    Ordered Options:

  • 0216 Servotronic Steering
  • 0258 Style 4 Alloy Wheels
  • 0302 Theft Alarm with remote control
  • 0339 Shadow-line (Dechrome)
  • 0354 Anti-glare Windscreen Strip
  • 0401 Electric Sliding and Lifting Sunroof
  • 0428 Triangle and First Aid Kit
  • 0456 Electric Adjustable 'Comfort Seats'
  • 0473 Front Arm Rests
  • 0500 Headlight Washing System
  • 0508 Park Distance Control (Front and Rear)
  • 0534 Automatic Dual Zone Digital Climate Control and Airconditioning
  • 0555 High On-Board Computer
  • 0672 BMW 6-Disc CD Changer
  • 0676 Premium Audio Hi-fi System and Speakers
  • 0812 Build for England/GB/UK Market
  • 0850 Additional/Larger Gasoline Tank (usually standard only on 'iL' models!)
  • 0877 Without functioning upper cross-bar
  • 0961 Special Motor

    Additonally, the car benefits from other features not mentioned in the above such as Rain Sensitive Wipers, Multi-function Steering-wheel and a factory fitted (expensive!) Detachable Towbar (though this looks like it hasn't been used and is invisible when not in use, thus not detracting from the appearance of the rear of the car)

    Consider a base OTR price of circa 50K and add to this the above impressive list and it is immediately apparent that this was a VERY expensive and desirable car when delivered!

    It remains highly desirable! The bodywork is TOTALLY UNMARKED!...Not a scratch, dent or dink! Not even the tiniest car-park/shopping trolley blemish. The Oxford Green Metallic paintwork gleams with a depth of shine which must be seen to be fully appreciated.So it should! It was impressive when I collected it and I have spent in excessive of a further 36-man hours in my usual '8 stage' paintwork preparation topped of by three coats of S100 pure carnauba wax!

    The superbly insulated interior is truly a 'nice place'. The Light beige 'Montana'leather with 'Nussbaum' wood-cappings contrast superbly with the Oxford Green giving a light and airy ambience which to my mind is much more welcoming than the somewhat oppressive 'All-Black' often encountered.

    The front, fully electrically adjustable 'Comfort Seats' are a joy.With 3 position memory for the driver they are supportive, comfortable and adjust for height, reach, back rake, angulation and head rest height. Additionally, they feature electrical adjustment for Lumbar support (both height and fore/aft position) and Shoulder support.

    The BMW Business RDS Hi-Fi with 6 CD Changer sounds superb and can be controlled via the Multifunction steering wheel which additionally features the 'Cruise Control' and 'Automatic Air-recirculate' buttons.

    Full On-board Computer, front and rear reading lights, footwell lights, illuminated vanity mirrors, remote and soft closure boot-lid complete the list of creature comforts!

    However, above all BMWs are 'Driver Cars'...and this car most definitely fulfils that!

    This car features the later BMW 4.4L V8 (NOT the earlier 4.0L version) - those considering the purchase of a 740i who are not familiar with the difference MUST read 'The Nikasil Issue' article! Having read this, be assured the 'Nikasil Cloud' DOES NOT hang over this car!

    The engine in this car develops 286 bhp at 5700 rpm and a whopping 420 Nm of torque at a mere 3900 rpm! At tickover, it is virtually inaudible even when standing outside the car. With the bonnet raised you have to feel, with a flat palm, that the engine is on, so free of vibration is it. Inside the car it is whisper quiet at all 'reasonable' road speeds. Firm pressure on the accelerator translates to distant 'V8 burble' with the horizon and once distant traffic ahead approaching at an alarming rate!...There is none of the usual BMW six-cylinder snarl.

    Even accepting BMWs own, usually conservative, performance figures this engine will propel the car from 0-62 mph in 6.6 secs and on to an electronically limited top-speed of 155 mph!

    These figures are indeed impressive for such a large and well-appointed car but for me this somehow misses the point. It is the truly effortless feeling that is conveyed at all all times!

    The above will understandably raise concerns for prospective buyers regarding fuel consumption. I drove this car back, after purchase, 150 miles on A-roads and motorways at 70-ish mph with the occasional heavier touch on the right-hand pedal and averaged 26 mpg to base! This is in no small part due to the fact that at 70 mph the engine is turning at a mere 2000 rpm (ie little over tick-over!)

    Of course, it would be crass to suggest that if the 'performance envelope' is regularly explored, in a car of this power, that the mpg figure would not drop significantly...That is then down to driver choice!

    Power is transmitted through the superb BMW 5-Speed Steptronic/Adaptive (AGS) gearbox. This changes virtually seamlessly and actually 'adapts'to your driving style and road conditons by assessing the position and degree of movement of the accelerator pedal,then selecting one of four stored programs which range from 'Highly Economical' to 'Highly Sporting'! Additonally, it compares wheel slip and engine torque, automatically deciding which of the road conditions 'Normal', 'Winter' and 'Hill Climb' applies. It is therefore also able to adapt its transmission speed stages to extreme conditions for maximum traction and dynamic stabilty on slippery surfaces.

    Move the gearlever to the left and 'Sport Mode'is immediately engaged...the car still remains fully 'Automatic'. Therefater, the lever may be moved fore and aft allowing fully manual, 'Sequential' gear selection.

    The car featrues ASC+T...which may be de-selected as the driver can the front and rear PDC.

    Steering is via the 'Servotronic Vehicle-speed-sensitive System'. This reduces steering effort in parking and at very low road speeds more than the engine-speed-sensitive system of most other BMW models, as is appropriate for BMWs largest, most luxurious cars.

    The car rides on the rarer option of 'Style 4' 16" Alloy wheels which, to my mind, give the car a subtle elegance with the twin advantages of a more comfortable ride over the 18" upgrades seen on many of these cars (particularly on U.K roads!)...and of course MUCH cheaper tyres!

    The tyres on this car are matching Pirelli P6000 which look to have been recently mounted (the spare is used, has less tread but is legal).Two of the wheels (driver's front and passenger rear) each have one small kerb mark on the very edge which, if I find the time, I will correct...but these in no way are glaringly obvious or detract. All other wheels incuding the spare are blemish free.

    The only other exterior blemish is a crack on the passenger side mirror cover which has been repaired, touched-in and is really only apparent on closer inspection. In any event, I am informed BMW can supply a fully painted replacement for about 60 and it just clips on...this would however erode my margins (see About Me!). Again, it doesn't detract...I'm just being harsh.

    The interior is gorgeous! You have to look hard to find a single mark! There is a tiny (and I mean tiny!) area of wear on the drivers seat base just at the fold in the middle measures approx 1" and is virtually hidden by the fold...again I'm being harsh. There is NO wear to the driver's seat bolsters, as often seen on BMWs and the other seats are genuinely pristine! The car has never been smoked in; ashtrays and lighters are unused.Despite over seven years the interior still looks and smells like new!

    Of course, all tools, warning triangle, leather document folders, manuals etc are present and correct.

    The car has a FULL MAINDEALER SERVICE HISTORY the last being at 87,722 miles 'Oil Service plus Microfilter'; previously 'Insp I plus Brake Fluid and Microfilter' at 77,186 miles. The car is still showing 2 Green Lights on the Service Indicator. For those not familiar with the BMW Service indicators these do not make mere simple calculations based on mileage alone. The calculations for the next service are made based on a formula which takes other parameters into account eg. number of 'cold starts' etc...Looking back at this car's previous service intervals these have averaged at approximately 10K mile intervals. If this trend were to continue one would predict the next service in around 3000 miles. For this car this will be an 'Inpection II' service which is the uppermost grade of service. However, if worried by this please read the 'BMW Servicing' link on the website. This car is now eligible for the '7+ Servicing Scheme'.

    The current mileage is 94K miles which frankly LOW for one of these cars. Stories abound about 7-Series cars going on for many hundreds of thousands of miles. These are true but only if the car has been properly lookafter and serviced...and this one has!

    MOT is until 11th June 2005 and there is 6 months Road Tax.

    In summary, these cars are beautiful to drive...AND THIS ONE DRIVES BEAUTIFULLY!

    If you come to view this car and are disappointed...I'll be disappointed!

    Yes, you may be able to buy a one cheaper...go ahead! But my advice would be: "If you find a better one at the price...Buy it!...Before I do!"

    Price is SOLD

    This price is non-negotiable, if you don't like it please walkaway without obligation as I'm in no hurry at all. If I had the space I'd keep this one without hesitation!

    As a side note: This car is ONLY available to U.K buyers. 'Scammers, 'agents', 'Western Unioners', other crooks and swindlers please do not waste your, mine or other genuine people's time! The car will only be released once full, cleared funds are firmly and safely within my bank account!

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